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Why You Should Request Water Damage Restoration Services ASAP!

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If you ever discover a flood impacting your home or business in Phoenix, Arizona, consider requesting water damage restoration services right away. Don’t delay. The time frame involved proves critically important.

Why do customers benefit by seeking fast water damage restoration services? This brief article explores this important subject. By contacting Rocky Mountain Restoration rapidly, customers enjoy the best possible opportunity to limit damage.

Why Every Minute Counts

Water damage restoration services like Rocky Mountain Restoration assist customers in cleaning and preserving property. Just like lightning, water damage occurs unexpectedly. Flooding in a home in Phoenix may arise for a variety of reasons: a broken plumbing pipe, a leaky roof, or a window left ajar during a heavy downpour sometimes cause this type of unwelcome injury.

Our company has invested in the specialized tools and equipment required to extract water in high volumes from a variety of surfaces. By asking for our assistance as soon as possible after discovering a flood, a homeowner may significantly reduce the extent of water damage. This ultimately makes a big difference in our ability to restore certain property items for customers.

Two Illustrations

For example, consider the difference in appearance between a wood floor which remains wet for two hours, and one which stays waterlogged for two weeks. The former may benefit from re-staining. The later usually requires replacement. The ability of a water damage restoration firm to extract water quickly from the premises proves critically important in minimizing property losses.

Similarly, by allowing a rug to remain moist for an extended period of time after an accidental flood, a homeowner unwittingly creates an ideal environment for molds and mildews to proliferate. Cleaning up this type of surface effectively requires the use of commercial-grade water extraction equipment. Most home vacuum cleaners and rented carpet cleaning units simply cannot perform this demanding task.

Request Our Services Quickly

The bottom line: if your home or business in Phoenix sustains water damage, contact Rocky Mountain Restoration ASAP. We’ll make helping you our priority. Call 480-309-2524 right away!

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