Commercial Trauma & Biohazard Cleanup

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Commercial Biohazard & Trauma Cleanup

Trauma cleanup, otherwise known as biohazard cleanup, is the cleanup and remediation of bodily fluids that result due to death or other traumatic event. It is difficult to deal with the loss or serious illness of a loved one, whether it is an unattended death, suicide, illness or injury, or even crime scene cleanup after a homicide or other traumatic event.

The emotional tole of these events is difficult enough, and then on top of it all, people are left to deal with the cleanup. Rocky Mountain Restoration specializes in hazardous and trauma cleanup in Arizona and is here to help. We understand this is a difficult situation for people, and our teams are trained and experienced to help with empathy and care for our customers in these difficult times.

In these situations, it is important that the trauma cleanup is handled professionally in order to guarantee that all the microbes and bacteria have been removed. Failure to properly cleanup after a trauma loss could result in spreading illness and result in very unpleasant odors that are difficult to remove.

What We Do

  • We begin by containing all the affected areas, as to not spread any contamination.
  • We then will clean or dispose of any personal items that have been affected by the event.
  • Once the personal effects have been addressed, we begin the trauma cleanup of the property.
  • This includes the removal of damaged flooring, walls, cabinetry, etc.
  • We then will sanitize and clean the areas, removing any bacteria or residue from the event.
  • Once the property is all cleaned up, we then perform odor treatments to make sure that there aren’t any lingering smells from the trauma loss.
  • Once the property is sanitized and clean, we then seal the affected areas to ensure that no smells return.
  • After this process has been completed, we have an industrial hygienist inspect and clear the area to ensure that any and all contaminants have been removed.
  • Once this has all been done, repairs can begin to restore the home to its pre-loss condition.