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Residential Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

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Residential Fire Damage Restoration & Repair

Fires are devastating and can also be deadly. Recent statistics by the National Fire Protection Association report that structural fires account for well over 30% of all reported fires and cause over $7 billion in property damage each year.


  • Cooking equipment
  • Heating equipment
  • Electrical or lighting equipment
  • Clothes dryer or washer
  • Smoking
  • Arson
  • Lightning
As fires burn, their structural damage reaches far beyond what the eye can see.  As fire and smoke spread, they consume synthetic building materials and release toxic chemicals and gases.


  • Burnt structure (framing, drywall, flooring, cabinets)
  • Personal goods (clothing, furniture, valuables)
  • Soot, especially from furnaces
  • Smoke, which can be wet or dry, depending on the fire temperature
  • Odor from smoke and toxic chemicals
  • Water damage
  • Mold damage (left untreated, wet building materials can begin growing mold in 24-48 hours)
After the fire, call us right away to begin the restoration process.  We’ll secure your home, assess the damage, and begin working with you and your insurance company to bring your property back to its pre-fire condition—or better.

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Call us 24/7 for an immediate fire damage emergency response in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, and the surrounding area:  480.309.2524.