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We are a Core Values Company

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The Rocky Mountain Restoration Team

Be Humble

Humility means being willing to give help, as well as receive help from others, and they are open to new ways of thinking. They embrace training and development, and they love to discover new and better ways to get the job done.

Care About Others

Team members that care about others understand that their words and actions affect their co workers, homeowners, and referral partners. They seek to understand the situations that other people are in, and do everything they can to offer meaningful help.

Get it Done

The most valuable team members are quick to take action and they make sure that they fulfill their commitments by exceed expectations of those they are helping, and when cant, they are quick to take ownership, clean up any mess they may have caused, and re commit.

Always Learn and Grow

RMR team members have a thirst for knowledge and understand that there is always somewhere they can learn and grow. They love taking on new challenges and are engaged in continuous self-improvement.

Be Positive and Fun

A majority of a person’s life is spent at work, so its important to enjoy it! RMR team members possess a way of being that is positive, fun, and are enjoyable to be around.