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Adam Webster - President

Adam has spent the last 15 years learning how to deliver superior help to homeowners and business owners affected by water, fire, or other unplanned disasters.

In 2009, Rocky Mountain Restoration was founded with the vision of bringing professionalism and empathy to the disaster restoration industry. Through blood, sweat, and tears, and a lot of help from team members and strategic partners, the company has grown from a pick up truck working out of Adam’s garage, to a team of 35 people and 20+ trucks on the road. Rocky Mountain Restoration has been able to produce superior results for property owners and business owners through its commitment to professional, caring, and faster help to those experiencing a crisis from a disaster.

Today Adam works actively in the business to ensure the company is fulfilling it’s mission to produce Raving Fans on every project, and to raise the bar for what should be expected from a disaster restoration company. Adam remains committed to developing team members to be the absolute best in the industry, and helping employees and strategic partners to fulfill their ambitions in life. His greatest fulfillment is helping business owners to strengthen their businesses through strategic partnerships with Rocky Mountain Restoration, and offering a professional and empathetic service to people in the midst of a property disaster.

Adam is a 5th generation Arizonan, and currently lives in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife and three children. He enjoys travelling with his family and exploring the outdoors, as well as a round of golf or hike in the mountains when he can sneak away.


Travis Gepson - General Manager

Travis is obsessed with discovering, cultivating, and sustaining powerful business partnerships.  He has been able to develop unique solutions to help business owners create positive shifts in team culture, increase cash flows, improve customer satisfaction, and build brand superiority through their partnerships with Rocky Mountain Restoration.  Clients and strategic partners that have worked with Travis are quick to recognize his commitment to listen intentionally, think creatively and act quickly to make their lives easier.

Try not to hold it against him, but Travis transplanted from Southern California to Arizona in 1991 while serving in the US Air Force as a firefighter. He, his wife, and their four children live in San Tan Valley

Travis Waterman

Travis Waterman - Business Development Manager

Travis has a natural desire to help others, and loves to create meaningful solutions to people in need. These qualities were instilled at a young age when he worked his way through college managing his own painting company. He was able to work with homeowners, listen to their concerns, and then deliver a quality service that exceeded expectations. This desire to help others has since been nurtured at Rocky Mountain Restoration where he can help people get the solutions they need to their unique situations.

Since 2019, Travis has continued to work closely with plumbing contractors, insurance agents, and property owners to provide a superior customer experience. Travis works closely with emergency responders and production teams to provide professional, caring, and faster help to people in property damage crisis. With his dedication to customers and clients, Travis has been able to help business owners and property owners get the help they need when they need it most.

Travis is a transplant from Michigan and lives with his wife and 3 cats in Maricopa, Arizona. He spends his free time listening to audiobooks, having game night with friends, or the occasional camping trip in northern Arizona.

Travis Waterman

Trevor White - Emergency Services Manager

Trevor has a passion for helping people in need and loves to be actively engaged in the service of others. He grew up in Thatcher, AZ where he graduated high school and then spent 2 years on a church service mission. It was on his mission that Trevor began to realize that he loves to help other people, which naturally lead him into his career of customer service and sales. Trevor grew and developed his communication and customer service skills as he spent the next years working in the solar power industry as well as the automotive dealer world.

In 2019 Trevor was working at an auto dealer, when he realized he wanted to do more to help and serve others. Seeing an opportunity to do what he loves, he joined the RMR team as the first member of the emergency response team. Trevor quickly developed the team and became the Emergency Service Trainer, where he helped his team to develop their communication, customer service, and technical abilities. Trevor now holds the role of Emergency Service Manager, and continues to develop strategies and best practices that offer professional, caring, and faster recovery to people experiencing a restoration loss.

Trevor lives in Tempe, AZ and is a proud father of his daughter. He enjoys working out and is almost always engaged in some form of personal development.

Patrick - Production Manager

Patrick Courtney - Production Manager - Field

Patrick strives for perfection in everything that he does. He began his property mitigation and restoration career back in California in 2015 working for a large national franchise. He was able gain experience and deep understanding of water, fire, mold, trauma, and asbestos work. It was at this company that Patrick discovered just how important professionalism and empathy are in the restoration industry.

Patrick manages the production team at Rocky Mountain Restoration, and makes sure that every customer is a Raving Fan, and that every project is performed to the highest standard. Patrick has been able to take his experience and produce an industry leading team that is obsessed with providing professional, caring, and faster restoration services.

When he can sneak away, Patrick loves being outdoors exploring the Arizona desert, camping, and off roading. He resides in Mesa, AZ with his wife and 2 Daughters.


Kelcey Steinmetz - Production Manager - Dispatch/Billing

Kelcey has an unwavering dedication for helping people in crisis. He began his career as a property claims adjuster for several large insurance carriers, adjusting any number of water, hail, hurricane, fire, or water losses. He noticed then how people were oftentimes left in the dark and treated unethically by restoration contractors. Kelcey then decided to leave insurance and to join the restoration industry in order to offer more direct and meaningful help to those in crisis. After working for several restoration contractors, he still felt that more could and should be done by restoration contractors to help those suffering from a property disaster.

Kelcey began his career with Rocky Mountain Restoration in 2013. Kelcey saw that this company would be the place to offer the kind of help he was unable to offer anywhere else, through a shared commitment of professional, caring and faster help to those in crisis. Today Kelcey oversees the delivery of restoration services and makes sure the team is delivering superior results for strategic partners and property owners, and works with his team to produce Raving Fans on every project. To date, Kelcey has helped more than 5000 property owners to recover from water, fire, or trauma loss.

Kelcey loves to be outside, whether gardening or escaping the heat up in the mountains. He lives in Chandler, Arizona with his wife and two boys.


Cassandra Lopez - Accounting Manager

Cassandra originally was going to junior college to pursue a career in Child Psychology in San Diego, when she took an accounts payable position at Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet where she started her career in accounting. It was at the dealership that Cassandra saw the opportunities and career fulfillment she could produce in the world of accounting. She would spend the next few years getting a crash course in accounting as she quickly developed her skills in the fast-paced automotive world.

After taking few years off to raise their daughter, she and her family would move to Arizona, where she found Rocky Mountain Restoration. Cassandra began in accounts payable and now holds the accounting manager role. She has been instrumental in developing new accounting systems, increase cash flows, creating a highly capable accounting team, and continues to learn and grow as the company expands at a rapid rate. Cassandra embraces new challenges with a smile and is excited to take on the next chapter in the RMR story.

Cassandra enjoys spending her free time with her husband and daughter, and also enjoys the occasional trips to go visit her parents.