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Why You Need Experts For Trauma Cleanup

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If you are dealing with the death of a loved one, you already have quite a bit on your mind. However, if the death was a suicide or homicide, a tough situation is even worse. Unfortunately in these instances, the death scene can be very messy due to blood, bodily fluids, brain tissue, and more. As a result, the area will need to be cleaned by professionals who specialize in trauma and biohazard cleanup. Otherwise, potential health hazards may be left behind, creating the risk for those living or working in the area to be made sick from bacteria or viruses. When facing such a situation, call on Rocky Mountain Restoration.

Odor Treatments
When a death occurs, it does not take very long for strong odors to become present within the area. The longer a cleanup is delayed, the stronger the odors become, making them virtually impossible to eliminate through standard cleaning methods. By calling in professional trauma cleanup specialists, they can sanitize and clean the area, then apply special odor treatments to ensure there are no lingering smells.

Personal Items
Should various personal items be left behind following the event, specialists at Rocky Mountain Restoration can properly clean or dispose of any items that may have become blood-stained or contain other biohazardous materials. Since this if often one of the hardest things family members or friends have to go through, we make it easy by handling these tasks ourselves, allowing you to focus on other things.

A Final Inspection
To give you the peace of mind needed after such an event, we here at Rocky Mountain Restoration make sure the affected area undergoes a rigorous final inspection by a fully-qualified industrial hygienist. In doing so, we can verify that all contaminants have been removed, no odors continue to linger, and that the area is once again safe for use.

If an unexpected and tragic event has taken place at your residential or commercial property, call on us here at Rocky Mountain Restoration. To ensure you get 24/7 emergency service by pros you can trust, call us at 480-309-2524.

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