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Why Homeowners Insurance Policies Frequently Reimburse Water Damage Restoration Bills

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Arizona residents sometimes discover a business insurance or a homeowners insurance policy helps cover a portion of the costs involved in obtaining expert water damage restoration services. Rocky Mountain Restoration helps customers by providing experienced water damage restoration services in Phoenix, AZ. This brief article discusses aspects of insurance coverage after unwelcome water damage occurs. Paying attention to this issue may help you save money if a flooding incident ever happens in your home or business.

Read Policies Carefully

To determine whether or not an insurance policy offers financial reimbursement to help cover the cost of water damage restoration services, consider taking these steps:

  • 1. Read the terms of the insurance policy carefully. Specific provisions control whether an individual insurance policy covers a loss due to water damage.
  • 2. Consider speaking with an insurance agent. It may make sense to request a specific provision in your policy addressing reimbursement for water damage restoration services if you worry about water damaging your premises in the future.
  • 3. Pay close attention to the cause of water damage. An insurance policy may cover some types of flooding events or accidents, but not others.

Check Your Insurance Coverage Provisions

Insurance companies usually won’t pay compensation for DIY water damage restoration efforts. However, they frequently do reimburse business customers (and sometimes homeowners) who mitigate a water damage loss. Insurers often favor the use of full-time cleaning specialists to perform water damage restoration because these experts help reduce the extent of the harm caused by flooding. Typically, an insurance company would prefer to reimburse a customer for a cleaning bill rather than for the complete loss of a valuable insured asset.

However, insurance companies must abide by the written terms of insurance policies. They cannot supply reimbursement unless the policy specifically authorizes them to do so. For this reason, it usually makes sound financial sense to seek coverage for water damage restoration services to protect your home. Consider discussing this issue with your insurance agent!

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