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What Leads To Residential Mold Damage?

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Since your home is your castle, you want to keep it in excellent condition for your family. However, should you have problems with a flooded basement, pipes that burst, or issues concerning excessive humidity, your first concern will be of course the water itself. But along with this, the hidden damage that can be caused by mold is something else that should be addressed. As to what leads to residential mold damage in your Phoenix home, there are several reasons.

Hidden Moisture
If your home gets flooded for any reason, there is a good chance you will also be dealing with hidden moisture that has become trapped within walls, ceilings, windows, and even your home’s foundation and insulation. When this takes place, mold will take up residence and start growing as quickly as 24 hours later. Unfortunately, the longer the mold is left alone, the more it will grow and spread, causing damage along the way.

Roof Leaks
Even if it is only a small leak that occurs occasionally, a roof leak can nevertheless lead to mold damage in your home. Since these leaks are often not easily detected, you should always inspect your roof periodically with a trusted roofer in Phoenix to check for damage and leaks. When these leaks go unnoticed, mold can begin growing in your attic and within your home’s ceilings.

Excessive Humidity
In some homes, basements can be very prone to having problems with excessive humidity. While mold can grow even on your home’s foundation, it becomes even more problematic should you have a finished basement. In these situations, mold may start growing inside the walls, leading to a larger problem that is more complex to correct.

Leaking Pipes
Many times, people have leaking pipes and never know it. If pipes leak, the water usually winds up in ceilings and within walls, quickly producing mold that may grow for a long period of time.

If you find or suspect mold damage within your home, trying to get rid of it on your own will likely not produce the results you need. Therefore, call on the trained mold removal professionals at Rocky Mountain Restoration today.

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