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What is Usually Covered by Homeowners Insurance for Water Damage

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Gradual Water Damage Is Not Usually Covered By Insurance And May Go Undetected Until It Causes Damage To Your Home

We rarely think about the “infrastructure” of a home or all of the many parts that support the building but stay hidden behind beautifully decorated walls. Insurance companies believe gradual damage is something that should get corrected before it damages your home. The obvious problem with that thinking is that homeowners are not professionals that would know how to recognize a concern or even how to inspect for a possible problem. The good news is that there are restoration companies that you can call to repair damage when it happens. A trusted and reputable company can inspect your home for possible problems before you have to try to make a claim that will likely get denied. These professionals have the experience needed to help prevent having to pay thousands of dollars for unnecessary repairs. They can also recognize “hot-spots” that could eventually become a complication, and advise you on how to correct it, or in what areas to maintain awareness.

Sources Of Damage To Be Aware Of

  • Damaged, old, or improperly installed plumbing
  • Leaking appliances like the water heater, dish washer, heating and air conditioning units, and others
  • Moisture building up in your crawl space
  • Moisture entering your home through cracks in your foundation
  • Frayed or rotting electrical wires
  • Roof damage

Water is at the root of most of these problems. Electrical wires will probably not be damaged before you start noticing warning signs, but it is still absolutely an area of awareness that homeowners want to have. Older homes are more likely to present most of these conditions, but an experienced professional will be able to recognize a concern before it becomes more significant.

Signs That You Already Have A Problem

  • Musty, damp, or moldy smells in your home
  • Cracking, chipped, or peeling paint
  • Green coloration on your brass hardware in your cabinets, especially under your kitchen sink or in your bathroom
  • Particle board reacts to moisture quickly and may show signs of expansion
  • Buckling, warping, or discoloration near any water source
  • Unexplained puddles in corners

Protect Your Home
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