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What Happens if You Don’t Get Water Damage Restoration?

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water damage

If your home has recently flooded, whether from a broken dishwasher or burst pipe, it’s likely that you made quick cleanup a priority. In most situations, this includes hauling the excess water outside and drying up the remaining water with towels. Once the job seems like it’s done, do you wonder if water damage restoration in Phoenix, AZ is truly necessary? Below you’ll learn reasons why this is not recommended and the risks it can bring into your home.

1. Mold

Perhaps the biggest risk of not having professional water damage restoration done is the risk of mold. Even if you clean up well and think your space is dried out, it’s almost guaranteed that mold will become a problem. This can begin growing underneath your floors, on the side of your baseboards, inside of closets, and anywhere else that’s wet and dark. While you may not see this at first, eventually the dark brown or black specks will become obvious. Our mold removal experts in Phoenix can help you with this.

2. Weak Home Structure

Moisture can cause the materials inside of your home to become weak if they’re not dried out the right way. This can put you at risk of being hurt, especially on stairs or other areas that require sturdy materials in the construction.

3. Health Risks

When mold is in your home after water damage occurs, it can be incredibly dangerous for your health. Since the spores can get inside of the lungs, it can cause a cough that eventually leads to severe health problems. This is why it’s important to have professional water damage restoration in Phoenix done, even if you can’t see the mold right away. Chances are, it’s underneath your floors or behind your walls.

4. Water Spots

After water damage occurs, you’ll see brown spots caused by water damage on your walls, floors, and ceiling. These should not be painted over, as the spots are signs that the material has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

5. Mildew Can Grow

Mildew is a type of white fungus that grows in areas that have been impacted by water damage. This can cause health issues such as sneezing, bloody noses, and irritation in the throat.

Immediate Help for Water Damage

If you have water damage in Phoenix, AZ, our team at Rocky Mountain Restoration can help right away. Our priority is to improve the health of your home by removing moisture and restoring damaged materials. With our help, you can minimize the risks above and restore your home so it’s healthy and safe to live in again.

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