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What Are Common Types Of Commercial Fire Damage?

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When a business catches fire, the results can be devastating. Along with having to be closed for a long period of time and losing revenue, there will be substantial fire and smoke damage throughout the building. At that moment, you may be thinking all hope is lost and your business is forever ruined. However, that is not the case. By relying on experienced and highly-trained fire and smoke damage restoration specialists, you can soon see your business return to its pre-fire condition. As for the most common types of commercial fire damage, here are some you could expect to encounter within a business.

Chemical and Smoke Odors
In almost any fire within a business, there will be exceptionally strong odors from smoke and various chemicals. For example, when furniture or electronics burn, numerous chemicals are then released into the surrounding air, creating odors that will not go away with a few sprays of common air freshener. Instead, you will need skilled restoration specialists who can use maximum-strength cleaning supplies to rid your business of these odors.

Water Damage
From a sprinkler system that may have activated to the water used by firemen to extinguish the fire, water damage can be found in almost all areas of a business that has burned. Along with many items being wet, there will likely be mold starting to grow in and around walls, ceilings, insulation, flooring, and other areas. By hiring fire and smoke damage technicians to assess the damage, you can be sure your business will be restored from top to bottom.

Furnace Soot
When soot is released into a building, it will get on everything in its path. Whether it is furniture, office equipment, walls, ceilings, or other areas and items, soot can be one of the hardest things to clean up following a fire. Rather than try to do it yourself to no avail, hire a restoration team with years of experience in these situations.

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