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When you have water damage in your home, the effects can be long lasting if you don’t get the water cleaned up properly. While you may be able to get any visible water removed on your own, water seeps into places most homeowners are never going to think of. If water or moisture is left in your home after a flood, serious consequences can occur.

Mold and Mildew Growth Can Cause Health Problems

Mold or mildew spores are impossible to see, yet they can wreak havoc on your health if they are in the home. Both mold and mildew need moisture in order to grow. If you have standing water in your basement, this is the perfect atmosphere for mold or mildew spores to take over in your home. Even those who aren’t allergic to mold and mildew can have respiratory distress from breathing them in. If you go into your basement and it has a strong odor, this is likely from too much moisture in your basement. Make sure you call our mold removal experts in Phoenix if you need help

Water is Hard to Remove Completely

Water seeps into all types of porous materials. Even if you don’t see water damage, water can seep into sheet rock, wood and other substances. If the water isn’t removed, this can cause the material to rot in place. In addition, once the floors, walls or ceilings are dried out, there can be structural damage that is difficult to see. When you have a big flood in your home, it’s important to have a professional water restoration come to assess the overall damage.

Floods Can be Dangerous

If you find a flood in your basement, it may not be safe to step into the water and look for the source of the flood. When there is electricity present in your basement, only a professional should be looking around to find the source of the water coming in. Avoid getting hurt when you aren’t sure where electrical sources are in your basement and the water is deep.

When you find a flood anywhere in your home, it’s time to call for help. While you can successfully stop more water from coming in by shutting off the water supply, cleanup is going to require professional help in order for the restoration to be complete. Don’t let water sit in your basement, and get the help you need from a professional water damage restoration company.

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