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Tools Of The Trade: Important Items Used By Water Damage Restoration Professionals

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water damage tools

When you discover that there is water damage in your Arizona home, it can come as a shock. It is easy to get stuck thinking about all of the negatives associated with potential health risks, property loss, and home equity issues. Fortunately, professional water damage mitigation and restoration teams are there to help.

If you quickly contact a restoration team after an event, they can start on the process of restoring your most valuable investment. This process can be very eye-opening for homeowners. The techniques and tools used during a restoration can also create initial shock.

When your home is damaged by water, it is very important that the restoration job is done completely. This is true even when the damage is relatively minor. Professionals will use many tools that can be intimidating to Arizona residents who have never had to deal with water damage. It might be helpful to explore some of the tools of the water damage restoration trade.

These are long and tubular handheld probes that can sense how far water has traveled. They are especially useful for determining water migration under carpeting. The probe end of a hydrosensor features several metallic pins that penetrate carpeting. When these pins sense the presence of moisture, an electrical pulse is sent through the unit. The pulse initiates an audible warning. Hydrosensors are tools that save a great deal of time when determining how much area is affected by water.

Slide Hammer
This tool is similar to a hydrosensor, but it is more invasive. Using a sliding weight, the long metal probe of this tool is driven into the materials of a floor. The tip of the probe senses if moisture is present. Slide hammers are extremely useful for determining how far down water has seeped into sub-flooring materials. This helps crews understand how extensive the restoration job will be.

This thermometer-like device is used to measure the environmental conditions in a room after a flood. It measures relative humidity, temperature, and dew point. It is important that the right conditions exist in an area for a restoration job to be done well.

Motorized Submersible Pumps
When major flooding happens, it is essential that standing water is removed as quickly as possible. Powered pumps can move incredible volumes of water. This allows a restoration team to begin work quickly. Some pumps are electric, and some of them have gas engines. They are large and sometimes noisy, but they are absolutely necessary in some cases.

Truck-Mounted Vacuums
Vacuums used for water restoration are far superior to any vacuum used in the home. They are designed to create tremendous force for completely removing water in an area. Their hoses can be several inches in diameter and hundreds of feet long.

These are free-standing air condensers that remove evaporated moisture particulates from a room. Though they are bulky, they are important for complete water restoration. It is very common for several dehumidifiers to be running in a home for days after a water damage job is performed.

Air-movers are usually used in conjunction with dehumidifiers. They are large and powerful box-type fans that are set in strategic points throughout a room. They cycle air in the room to promote complete drying in the shortest amount of time.

Items used by an Arizona water damage restoration service can seem invasive to some people. They are not nearly as invasive as water. When employed by a certified and experienced team, they will do wonders for minimizing the time it takes to complete a restoration job. A great team will be happy to explain what each tool does to put your mind at ease.

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