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What To Expect From a Water Damage Restoration Company

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water damage restoration There may be many companies in the Phoenix area that represent themselves as water damage restoration experts, but homeowners who need fast assistance after their property has experienced flooding of any degree should know what to expect from the best professional water damage restoration businesses.

A speedy response to your call for help is certainly among the top characteristics of a professional water damage restoration company. Timeliness is of the essence from any qualified water restoration service because water can cause damage almost immediately, and this damage only deepens the longer that the water is sitting still and left unattended. The right water damage restoration service will be available to answer your inquiry round the clock, since flooding is most likely to happen at odd hours, on weekends, and on holidays rather than during normal business hours.

Homeowners should expect an onsite examination of the damaged property by a properly trained and equipped technician, using devices that can read moisture levels, identify hidden areas of wetness, and accurately measure areas by laser. Once the technician has completed his evaluation of the damage, a written estimate is provided that includes the demolition, removal and drying of all water damaged areas. If the homeowner wants the water damage restoration company to replace materials removed during the clean-up process, a rebuild estimate should also be included in writing.

The water restoration process, once given the go-ahead by the homeowner, covers a three step process. The first is the demolition, removal and drying of all water-affected areas. Fans and dehumidifiers are used in the drying process to eliminate any and all moisture in the air. The second step involves mold, asbestos and lead testing to eliminate any and all harmful contaminants that result from water damage. And the final step is any reconstruction work necessary after the removal of wet and moldy materials and the dry out have both been completed.

The right water damage restoration company will be licensed and insured, offer the services of experienced and well-trained technicians using an array of professional equipment, and be ready to begin the restoration process as soon as possible after approval of the written estimate. When you call Rocky Mountain Restoration for emergency water removal services, you can rest assured that you are hiring a licensed, bonded, insured and llCRC certified company that can handle any degree of water damage quickly, efficiently and professionally.

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