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What to Do Before You Call A Water Damage Restoration Company in AZ

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While Arizona is known to be hot and dry, many homeowners deal with water damage because of cracked pipes, burst lines and even during the state’s annual monsoon season. While it’s important to have a water restoration company’s number on hand, it is also crucial that you take steps to minimize the damage before they get there. Our water damage restoration company in AZ will often be able to come out as an emergency, but it could still take an hour or two for them to arrive. This is the time it is crucial for you to protect your home and its belongings before the professionals arrive.

One way to minimize the damage that’s been done is to shut off the water source, if you know how to and are able to. This prevents more water from gushing through the line that has burst or cracked. The line can be shut off either at a shut off valve before the leak has happened or you can shut off the water pump in your home’s crawl space or basement. If you have a sump pump, even a smaller one, this can and should be used to get water out of your home or basement before the experts arrive. While the pros will bring all of their own equipment, using a sump pump to clear some of the water will help to prevent further damage and minimize the amount of restoration that will eventually be needed.

Remove any and all items that you can to prevent them from being ruined by the water, especially if you notice the flood waters rising. Flooding in Arizona is most often caused by plumbing issues, but it can also be caused by the state’s annual monsoon season. In this case, it is important that you have the restoration company’s number handy so that you can contact them at the first sign of a flood. When it comes to water damage within the home, prevention is key and being a watchful homeowner is crucial in protecting your home and investment. The restoration company can also give you some tips and information on how to properly prevent a flood, what to do when one occurs and how to overcome the aftermath of such a devastation to your home and family. As always, it’s best to call in the professionals when dealing with water damage in the home, business or anywhere else it is being experienced.

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