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4 Tips for Preventing Water Damage While on Vacation

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The most inappropriate time to experience water damage in your Phoenix residence is when you are away from home. This is a surprise calamity no one expects when they return home. Some common mishaps include toilet overflows, busted pipes, dishwasher leaks, water heater leaks, sink overflow, ice maker malfunctions, shower/ tub overflows and leaks, and busted washing machine hoses. Luckily, there are preventative measures to consider in preventing water damage. Keep reading to know more.

Turn off your main water valve

The simplest way of preventing water damage in your home while away is shutting off the main valve. This valve controls water entering your home. Ensure every family member including other people living in your home know where the main valve is located in case of emergencies. If you have never shut off your main water valve, be sure to test it by turning on any tap.

Insulate your pipes during cold climates

One of the causes of water damage in a home is frozen water lines which often burst during the freezing weather. This can happen when you are away from home. Make sure you insulate all the water lines using slip-on foam insulation sleeves found at home centers. Also, consider sealing up exterior openings that let frigid outdoor air inside your house to where your pipes are routed. You may leave your furnace on, provided you set it at a low temperature when you are away.

Replace the washing machine pipes

It’s important to replace the rubber cold and hot water hoses that come standard with a washing machine. The hoses can harden and rupture when old, and this could cause water damage in your home, especially if there is no one to turn it off. Consider getting braided stainless steel lines because they are more secure and long-lasting.

Befriend your neighbor

It’s always wise to leave one of your spare keys and contact information with the person you trust. This can be your neighbor, relative or a friend. This way, they will keep an eye on your house and inform you if something happens. They will also discover problems early and handle it before things get out of hand.

These tips should help you prevent losses from water damage every time you are away from home. However, if water damage occurs, be sure to contact Rocky Mountain Restoration.

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