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3 Differences Between Water Damage From A House Fire and a Flood

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When your house has suffered from a fire, you often don’t think of the water damage. Depending on the size and location of the fire, the damage caused by the water used to put the fire out can be just as devastating as the fire itself. Here are 3 ways that water damage in Phoenix following a house fire is different than flooding:

1. Different Toxins and Health Risks

When a house has caught on fire, there are a number of toxic chemicals that can be released into the water. This is different than the substances that you will find in the water during and after a flood. The toxins come from the various materials that were burned during the fire including plastics, vinyl, certain types of wood, and fabrics.

Health risks from post-fire, water damage come from chemicals such as: PVC, carbon materials, sulfur, wood smoke, and building materials used in homes older than the 1980s. These chemicals and toxins can be released into the water and mold following a fire and cause breathing difficulties, skin irritations, and eye problems. If cleanup isn’t done properly, lingering elements have been known to also cause cancer.

2. Different Damage Assessment

Following a house fire, you will want someone who is certified and experienced in both fire and flood assessment. Often the two go hand-in-hand and you will want someone who knows how to spot damages caused not only by the water, but by the fire as well. For those in Phoenix, AZ that is where Rocky Mountain Restoration comes in; their team is not only qualified by experience, but certified as well, adding extra assurance for the families and individuals they serve.

3. Different Cleanup & Reparation Methods

Water damage from fire cleanup is messy. Different from a flood, post-fire water damage includes complications from the fire itself including smoke, soot, structural damage differences, and molds. Having a local expert is critical in order to properly address not only the water damage, but damage that may link back to the fire itself.

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