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4 Reasons to Call the Water Damage Restoration Experts

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Regardless if the water damage in your home is a result of a pipe that burst or flood, the sooner that you call in the help of the local water damage restoration professionals, the safer your home will be. Water can get to places you can not see, and mold will quickly begin to grow if not addressed in a timely manner.

1. Professionally Cleaning the Area – The minute you call the water damage restoration experts, they will have a team on the way to your location to begin the water removal process. By using the industrial grade truck-mounted vacuum system, water is quickly removed from the location so the cleaning process can begin.

2. Eliminating Threat of Mold Once the water level has been dropped, the restoration team will use organic cleaning solutions to treat walls, floors, furniture, and anything else the water came in contact with. Water getting behind walls will soak insulation and become a breeding ground for mold. Sheetrock will be removed if wet, the areas will be dried, and then the location repaired so it is as good as it was before the damage.

3. Restoring Your Belongings – Contaminated water coming in contact with your belongings requires a team who can properly scrub those belongings clean and restore them so they show no signs of water damage. Upholstery will be dried, scrubbed clean, dried again, and a protectant will be added to keep moisture from breaking the barrier. Belongings that can not be cleaned thoroughly will be removed.

4. Working with Insurance Companies – One advantage to working with the water damage restoration crew is they will contact the insurance company for you and work together to move this process along smoothly. Knowing which items are covered and which are not, the cleanup crew can quickly remove certain items and restore the ones that are not covered by insurance. Your cleanup crew has inroads with home renovation experts who can rebuild walls and flooring if needed so everyone is working together to get the residence back to you as quickly as possible.

Be sure that you call the local water damage restoration quickly so they can get started at getting your residence back to it was before the trouble. The sooner that you make the call, the less chance of any contaminated water causing significant damage.

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