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7 Things to Expect from a Water Damage Inspection in Phoenix

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If you suspect water damage due to smells or other indications or know that you have some degree of damage, then you will want to schedule a water damage inspection in Phoenix with a restoration company. Many homeowners will be scheduling such a service for the first time and may not know what to expect.

1. Free and Without Obligation

You should certainly expect an inspection and a quote provided at no cost and without obligation. If a company wants to charge you to conduct an initial inspection, then that may be a warning sign. Remediation for water damage may be a big decision for you, and you may want multiple opinions.

2. Licensed and Certified Professionals

Expect your inspector and estimator to be licensed, certified and professional. He or she should be client-oriented and eager to answer any questions and address any concerns that you may have.

3. Water Source Identification

Sometimes identification of the water source is easy because it is active. If so, expect the remediation specialist to help you stop the source and contain the water. If the source is not active or obvious, then expect a more involved process of identifying the potentially multiple sources of moisture.

4. Water Sanitation Check

If you have any pooled water, then you should expect the inspector to assess for health risks. There are different types of standing water. White water is non-harmful. Gray water can contain contaminants that are potentially toxic. Black water, such as sewage, is quite hazardous to human health.

5. Damage Area Mapping

Mapping is the process through which damage and contamination is tracked down at a granular level. It is simple to map obvious water damage, but this is about mapping the damage that may not be readily visible but could have a lasting negative impact on your family and your home.

6. Damage Type Classification

The remediation you require may be wholly or partially covered by your homeowner insurance, flood insurance and other policies. Such claims require accurate documentation of the damage, and the classification process is the progression through which you receive that information. Many companies can even help you process those claims if you choose them for the job.

7. Recommendation and Quote

Finally, your inspector will make his or her professional recommendations. You will also receive a quote based on those recommendations and likely for any alternatives that are available to you. This estimate will include all of the labor and materials required.

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