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6 Immediate Steps to Take After Experiencing Water Damage in AZ

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Damage from water is one of the most common disasters that happen to a house. From a long term leaking roof to busted water pipes, water can damage both furnishings and the structure of the building. Even when the damage looks severe, a fast and efficient clean up crew will restore your house so well it will look like it never happened.

1. Speed is Critical

The faster the water is removed and restoration is started, the less damage there will be from standing water that has been contaminated. This could lead to hidden mold problems that will manifest in the future.

2. Inspecting the Damage

Our highly trained technicians will arrive and see what damage there is and the type of equipment needed to complete the job. Some things needing replaced after being very wet are carpet, drywall, and insulation. Mold grows in these wet materials very fast.

3. Removing Water

Removing stagnent water that is full of bacteria takes special equipment and training. This will be done fast by a qualified crew that cares about your home and getting you back in your house. Any other debris and damaged materials also will be removed so the process of restoring can begin.

4. Getting Everything Dry

The work crew will use fans and dehumidifiers to get everything dry. This will take some time because mold will start growing if not done right. Rushing a job might cause health risks in the future if mold and bacteria start thriving.

5. Sanitation

The house will need to be cleaned and be sanitized throughout. This will make your house smell like a home again instead of a sewer. Doing a good job here will eliminate any mold problems in the future.

6. Construction and Restoration

Everything is now ready for new materials to be installed. Shingles, Ceiling panels, carpeting, and anything else that was damaged by water will be replaced. The water is gone and your house is ready to be moved back into.

To prevent water damage in the future, have your house inspected periodically by a qualified inspector. This will prevent damage from roof leaks and broken pipes. Preventive maintenance will save many problems in the future.

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