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Water Damage In a Home Often Occurs in the Fall

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water damage soaked carpet As the temperature begins to drop from our Summer highs to autumn, many homeowners will have a water pipe break, leading to serious water damage that requires fast remediation. When a frozen water pipe breaks, it can spill hundreds of gallons of moisture inside a home, or it may only leak a small amount of moisture. You might think that a tiny water leak from a pipe inside a wall or ceiling is not a problem, but the moisture will lead to mold growth on drywall and insulation layers. This mold contamination can spread throughout a home’s wall spaces, creating a huge problem that requires an immediate cleaning.

Hire Technicians With the Right Type of Training

Knowledgeable water damage technicians understand how to return your water-damaged home to its previous condition by using the methods provided by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Technicians learn how to remove moisture from different types of surfaces to prevent mold and odor that can lead to allergic reactions such as sinus congestion or respiratory distress. You are less likely to have secondary damage from a water leak when you hire experts who understand the proper remediation processes.

Repair Pipes Before Removing Invading Moisture

First, it is important to find the source of a water leak to repair the damaged pipes and connectors before beginning the water restoration process. After the leaks are repaired, then a technician can analyze the damage to create a remediation plan. It is essential to dry all of the water-soaked surfaces to help prevent secondary damage. A technician can use a portable dehumidifier to reduce a home’s humidity along with using circulating fans to dry wet surfaces. In addition, it is often possible to extract invading moisture from a home’s baseboards, carpets and drywall with industrial-strength machines.

Remediation Technicians Can Remove Seriously Damaged Materials

For surface mold growth, it is possible to scrub away the contamination with specialized equipment that suctions the mold spores. After the visible contamination is removed, then a technician will apply chemicals designed to destroy any remaining spores to prevent new growth. When there is serious mold damage, the materials are already too degraded and impossible to clean. This type of mold damage from water leaks is more difficult to eliminate, and it is less expensive to remove the contaminated materials before replacing the items.

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