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Lower Home Insurance Premiums: Water Damage and Flood Damage Reinforcements

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water damage phoenix Over the time, your monthly expenses keep rising. You scratch your head thinking about the ways to cut down on the ever rising budget. Why not just look at your home insurance premiums and how it relates to water damage and flood damage?

The Increasing Homeowners Insurance

The increase in homeowners insurance in the United States in the last decade is a whopping 50 %. Insurance companies charge more on home premiums because of the rising home values and repair expenses.

But by having long-term investments against flood damage and water damage in your Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert home, you can negotiate for better insurance costs.

Waterproof your Home

A simple investment that protects your home against storms and water damage can reduce the insurance prices significantly. When your insurance company knows that you have installations to minimize water damage, there is always the readiness to offer discounted premiums. If you reside in hurricane or flood prone areas, you qualify for lower premiums by having water-mitigation improvements.

So what Phoenix, Mesa water damage and flood damage installations can help reduce your insurance?

• Add storm shutters
• Reinforce the roof to minimize the risk of water damage
• Install water barriers on the roof deck
Strengthen the roof, walls, and floor by adding gable ends
• Install hurricane-resistant house doors and garage door
• Elevate your house above the flood water level

The initial costs on the water damage investments may look expensive, but the long-term advantage is that you will enjoy lower the insurance costs. Additionally, the improvements will create a safer home.

Reduce the Risk of Flooding

Flood damage in America homes is the main home insurance claim, says while also advising people who live in high-risk flood regions to have measures that reduce water damage.

It Never Hurts To Ask

When you shop for your home insurance, do not feel shy to ask the insurance agent the discounts you qualify for after installing water damage protection features. You will be surprised that the discounts available to home owners range from loyal customer programs to claims-free history programs.

Adapt a Water Damage Risk-Reduction Policy

Adapting a risk reduction measure that reduces losses of property during floods may bring up to a 15 % reduction insurance premiums. Similarly, an additional value in your home is realized one the water proof installations are in place.

Our water damage and restoration experts can help Phoenix, Mesa residents experience less damage during floods. If you need professional 24/7 water damage services, call us at 480-309-2524.

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