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4 Steps To Take After If Your Electronics Have Water Damage

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With the increased reliance on technology that may include home security systems, stored computers, handheld devices, smart appliances, and entertainment systems, figuring out what to do about water damaged electronics is an increasingly common concern. If you are a homeowner in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, or the surrounding areas that has recently experienced flooding in places with electronics, here are some tips to keep in mind as you begin the recovery and restoration process.

1. Be Safe First

Never attempt to retrieve or move any of your electronics until you are sure that the power to your home or the flooded area has been properly turned off. Sometimes, a close neighbor running a generator because the flooding knocked out their power could cause electricity to get into your home.

2. Replace Submerged Electronics

Plan to replace smartphones, tablets, TVs, gaming consoles, and other electronics that were fully or partially submerged in water. It’s especially important to do this with anything that plugs into an outlet since reconnecting water-damaged devices to power could result in personal injuries or a home fire. Electronics that were powered on when flooding occurred are more likely to be damaged beyond repair.

3. Set Aside Electronics That Weren’t Submerged

With devices or appliances you are certain weren’t immersed in water, move them away from the flooded area. Be aware that damage may still have occurred because of higher humidity levels common after flooding or storms, especially if the power was out for an extended period of time. On some appliances, like washers and dryers often stored in basements, the humidity may react with existing dust and debris that may be around circuits and other electronic components to create a mud-like material that might have caused damage.

4. Have Your Devices/Appliances Inspected

Water restoration expects may be able to take some steps to dry out electronics following a flood or water submersion. It’s also possible that certain devices or appliances may be just fine after a few parts are replaced. However, it’s best to err on the side of caution and go a step further by having your electronics inspected before trying to use them again to make sure there’s no damage that was overlooked.

Finally, remember to write down as many details as you can about your water damaged electronics so you can make a valid insurance claim for equipment or devices that can’t be safely repaired. Our Water restoration professionals in Phoenix can offer added assistance with handling insurance processes. We may also be able to provide additional documentation confirming the extent of the damage and detailing steps that were taken during the restoration process.

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