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3 Reasons Property Managers in AZ Work With Water Damage Companies

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Does your Arizona property management firm’s service roster include a water damage restoration firm? It should! If you have not already explored the benefits of using Rocky Mountain Restoration’s emergency water removal services, we hope you’ll consider taking this step.

Experienced real estate managers appreciate the need to summon skilled contractors on short notice sometimes. Many property management firms maintain rosters of approved local services supplying emergency cleanup skills. Today, excellent reasons exist for including reputable water damage restoration experts in this database:

One: Water Damage Burdens Both Landlords And Tenants

Water damage sometimes occurs without warning. These unfortunate events potentially cost tenants (and their landlords) thousands of dollars in property damage! Whether someone accidentally leaves a window open during a heavy downpour and rain soaks an expensive carpet, or a pipe bursts and floods a basement, the consequences of this type of emergency can prove devastating. Water seeping across a residence penetrates easily through furniture and personal items; it may saturate rugs and floor coverings. Unless detected and eliminated, moisture may even warp wood surfaces or cause cement to blister and decay more rapidly in the property over the course of time.

Two: We Offer Rapid Water Extraction

Today, companies specializing in water damage restoration offer valuable services when accidents or flash floods impact Arizona properties. Over the past decade, this emerging field has made great strides in helping property owners minimize damage to their assets. Insurance companies often require their commercial customers to seek water damage restoration assistance today precisely because of the dollar savings available. Full-time water restoration experts (such as Rocky Mountain Restoration) have invested in specialized water extraction tools and supplies. We respond rapidly to water intrusion emergencies to help dry and sanitize the area to minimize losses and restore realty to a safe condition again as quickly as possible.

Three: Our Work Saves Customers Money And Inconvenience

When property management firms summon skilled water restoration experts to the site of water damaged property, they render valuable assistance to their clients. Our intervention frequently helps prevent the loss of treasured personal items and furnishings. We strive to eliminate moisture which could eventually damage the rental property itself.

Further Information

Contact us to receive detailed information about our services. We hope you’ll consider adding our firm to your approved contractor roster. We look forward to speaking with you!

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