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Keep Calm: Steps to Take Immediately After Experiencing Water Damage from a Broken Pipe

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water damage restoration You take good care of your home, always fixing the broken cabinet drawer and cleaning the floors as often as needed. Unfortunately, even with diligent care, you’re never guaranteed to experience problems. Burst or broken pipes are some of the most devastating issues in particular, as they can create extreme water damage in just minutes. If you’re in this situation, don’t panic. Use the tips below to help guide you through this unexpected home disaster.

Step 1. Shut Off the Water

The most important thing to do when you experience a broken pipe is to shut off the water in the home. To do this, find the main shut off valve (it is likely going to be brass with a round handle) and turn it clockwise.

Step 2. Call a Restoration Professional

While you might want to try and clean up the mess on your own, it’s important to call in a Phoenix Water Damage Restoration professional who can guide you through the process. Restoration experts in particular can help you by taking care of the cleanup as soon as they arrive. With their professional tools and experience, the cleanup process will go much more quickly. Remember: once the water is off, call a professional to help you with the cleanup. While waiting, you can certainly begin the process of removing as much excess water as you can while removing any items that aren’t ruined from your household.

Step 3. Address and Repair the Plumbing

It’s important to address the cause of the problem to begin with. Did the pipe burst because of bad weather? Or was it because of old age? In a situation like this, it’s crucial to call in a Phoenix plumber. They’ll be able to remedy the broken pipe while the restoration professional takes care of your structure. Both of them working together will make the process go much more quickly.

Step 4. Restore Your Home Back to the Original Condition

Once the water has been cleared and the restoration expert has dried out the moisture, they will begin to do the work to restore the home. This will mean removing damaged materials and addressing any areas that may have been overwhelmed with mold/mildew. As they replace walls or flooring, you’ll see your home brought back to life.

Dealing with the consequences of a broken pipe can be disheartening and stressful. However, when you bring a team of professionals on board, you’ll find that the process goes much more smoothly. If you move quickly, this will be even more beneficial by minimizing damage to your home.

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