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Top 3 Signs that You May Have Mold

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water damage phoenix Mold sometimes makes itself known with the telltale green or black substance growing somewhere inside your home. But other times it remains hidden, which means it can grow unimpeded. Mold can present tremendous problems in your home. Not only can it destroy things like carpet and drywall, it also can cause you and your family health problems. Being able to spot signs of possible mold growth can help you catch it and deal with it much earlier.

Standing water
Anywhere there is water in your home, there is the potential for mold. If you find water, such as from a leak or from it seeping into your basement from outside, you should clean it up right away and seek to fix the problem. Check surfaces near the water to ensure their are no signs of mold growth.

Wet spots
If you find wet spots on your walls or ceilings, it indicates a likely leak and could be the source of potential mold. Drywall, plaster, wallpaper and insulation are all good sources for mold to grow, so if you see wet spots on your walls or ceilings, you need to investigate further. Dry the areas out quickly using high powered fans to prevent mold growth. If it looks like mold has already occurred, it’s best to remove the materials and have them replaced, preferably by a licensed contractor.

Any kind of discoloration on a surface can be a warning sign of mold. If the discoloration is green or black, then you likely do have mold and you need to get it taken care of right away. But even just an off-colored spot, such as an area of cream or yellow color on a white wall can be a potential indicator of mold that needs further investigation.

If you need a mold inspection or need mold remediation, call Rocky Mountain Restoration at 480-309-2524 . We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take care of your mold problems.

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