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“The Roof Is on Fire”: Fire Protection Gets Back to Basics

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No one ever expects an accident. In fact, that’s kind of the definition of the word. But there are ways you can prepare yourself when disaster strikes, especially if that disaster is a fire. Fire protection really means remembering basics.

Fires can happen at any time. Whether it’s a grease fire or a dinner gone wrong, an electrical short, or even an unattended candle or cigarette, fires spread quickly and can engulf a home before you know it. This is especially true if the fire starts while you and your family are sleeping — or when you’re away from your business. Fires can double in size within minutes, so when disaster strikes, you need to move quickly.

Naturally, one of the best ways to increase your fire protection is to install and maintain fire and smoke detectors. You should have one on each level of your house or office building and in key locations prone to fires. Some families choose to buy detectors that also register CO in the air and put one in each child’s bedroom. Check your detectors at least every six months, but it’s good practice to check them monthly when you’re changing your air-conditioning filters (another possible fire source).

Whether at home or work, have a fire escape plan and practice it. Make sure all employees or family members know what to do when a fire breaks out. Teach the children how to open windows and climb out safely, and if they’re on the second level, keep a safety ladder nearby. Every few months, run everyone through the fire drill. It may remind you of elementary school, but fire protection is serious business. They weren’t doing that to drive you crazy and get you out of gym; they were being prepared.

Keep fire extinguishers handy in key locations around your home or office, notably in kids’ room, the kitchen, laundry room, computer server room, and copier area. Teach everyone how to use them. An extinguisher is only helpful if you know what to do with it.

And if all that fails, remember the fire protection basics we learned as kids: stop, drop, and roll. This video offers a quick reminder. Rocky Mountain Restoration is available 24 hours a day to help you from the time the fire fighters get it under control until you’re back to normal.

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