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The Importance of Water Mitigation for Cleanup

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Water damage, in its simplest definition, is the damage caused to materials by water penetrating an object and then sustaining damage. It is also known as wet damage, wet pluming, or damp rot. There are many forms of water damage and the damage caused to a building is often determined by the type of water that was used in the damage process. This information is important in determining the cost of a water damage cleanup.

Water damage can result from several different sources. One of the most common is industrial flood caused by rainwater draining into sewers, septic tanks, or private water lines; this can quickly develop mold spores in the water tank and in the air. Industrial buildings should have the proper drainage system in place to prevent such a disaster from happening. Other causes of water damage may be from a leaking roof or a faulty washing machine or water heater. Both situations require immediate repairs to prevent serious structural damage, which could lead to the failure of the building.

Leaking roofs should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further water damage. Leaks in the roof can cause excessive moisture to build up in interior spaces and promote the growth of mold and mildew, which is harmful to the health of inhabitants. If a leaking roof is not repaired as soon as possible, the building’s occupants will be exposed to increased amounts of heat, causing the development of mold spores and the formation of mold. For this reason, any time there is the possibility of water damage, it is recommended that the building’s residents seek the help of water mitigation services to prevent serious structural harm.

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