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The Dangers of Water-Damaged Furnaces

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water-damaged furnaceWith a flood or any type of major water damage, the immediate concern is safety and eliminating the source of water. You also want to remove as many affected items as possible from the site to prevent further damage. But what about those bigger items? There are plenty of dangers of water-damaged furnaces…but you can’t really remove them from your home to figure out the extent of the damage.

After the water damage site is cleaned up, the extent of the furnace damage can be misleading, even if the exposure was minimum and for a short time. A recent article in the Duluth News Tribune points to some of the alarming long-term consequences of water-damaged furnaces happening to households affected by last summer’s Minnesota floods. (Check out the complete article here:

Furnace Failure

Even if regional temperatures aren’t that cold, it’s still not ideal to need your furnace and discover that it’s not functional months after the water damage occurred. This can be especially dangerous for households with young children or elderly family members who are more sensitive to low temperatures.

Electrical Fire

In the event the furnace does still work, the last thing you need is another disaster on your hands if it ignites an electrical fire. This devastating combination would mean a potentially fatal fire to add to your problems.

Carbon Monoxide Risk

A damaged furnace that still functions could be emitting deadly carbon monoxide fumes. This silent and absolutely devastating scenario is why officials in Minnesota are urging those affected by the floods to install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.

Knowing these potentially long-term dangers of water-damaged furnaces is another way to protect your family and home after water damage. It also reinforces the importance of properly addressing, repairing, or replacing water-exposed items, rather than assuming they appear safe. Determining all of the safety protocols to follow is overwhelming, so let the Phoenix water damage experts at Rocky Mountain Restoration help you safely assess and clean up after a water loss. We’re available 24/7 across Phoenix and Northern Arizona, so help is never far away.

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