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The Basics Of Commercial Biohazard Cleanup

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At a commercial facility such as a manufacturing plant or other business, it is always possible a major accident could take place resulting in injuries or deaths. Should the unthinkable happen, the results can be horrific. Unfortunately, while everyone is of course focused on the accident itself and the resulting injuries or deaths, there is also the matter of getting the area cleaned up quickly and in a way that will ensure it is safe for others. Known as biohazard cleanup, it is a job that should only be left to the professionals. As for the basics involved in such cleanups, here is what you can expect.

Contain the Affected Area
Since the presence of blood, bodily fluids, skin and tissue can lead to potential biohazards being released into the atmosphere, cleanup personnel will immediately work to contain the affected area to limit the spread of contamination.

Removing Damaged Structures
Depending upon the event that took place, it may be necessary for biohazard cleanup professionals to remove flooring, walls, or other parts of a structure that were damaged and are likely contaminated from bacteria or viruses. Since it is very easy for blood, bodily fluids, and body tissue to get lodged in many different places, relying on biohazard specialists will ensure your facility receives a thorough pre and post-inspection to ensure it is safe to occupy.

Odor Treatments
One area that is often overlooked by those unfamiliar with these situations, odor treatment is a vital component of any biohazard cleanup where large amounts of blood and bodily fluids were released. If not done properly or at all, foul-smelling odors will linger for an extremely long time, making an area almost impossible to occupy.

If your commercial facility has suffered an accident or other situation that resulted in one or multiple serious injuries or deaths, don’t try to handle the cleanup process yourself or think a standard cleaning company can perform the job. Instead, rely on biohazard cleanup professionals here at Rocky Mountain Restoration. To find out more or schedule our services for your facility, call us 24/7 at 480-309-2524.

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