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Summer Safety Starts in Your Backyard

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Ah, summertime. It’s here again, and although we were extremely lucky to have double-digit temperatures so late into the season, those 100º+ temperatures have started to rear their ugly heads. That means we’ll all have the same goal: to seek reprieve from the heat. Sometimes, that’s as close as the backyard: in the pool, under the misters, or by taking the cooking from the stovetop and oven to the grill. So before it gets too hot, it’s a good idea to take some time to check your backyard to be sure you’re ready for summer safety.

Avoid a Flood

Before you start your misters for the season, do a test run and make sure there aren’t any leaks that will turn into potential issues. The last thing you need is a puddle of water seeping into your home from the patio. Likewise, make an assessment of your pool and hot tub. Is everything working as it should? And what about your irrigation system? Your grass and plants are going to need consistent watering during the hot summer.

If you find any issues, get those repairs scheduled before you want to use all of your outdoor water facilities so you’re not bogged down with them later in the season.

Fire and Electricity

While you may have been grilling outside during the winter, it’s still good to check everything before heading into this high-traffic season. And if you haven’t been doing any outdoor cooking, give that exterior kitchen a thorough cleaning and check to make sure everything is working correctly. You may find faulty wiring or extras in the fire pit that could cause problems if you don’t address them now.

No Tinderboxes Here!

If you’ve let your landscaping get out of control in the cooler weather, it may be time for a cleanup. Weeds, dead shrubs, hanging tree limbs, and dried palm fronds can set the stage for big disasters when that wonderful bonfire sparks onto the dry or dead areas in your yard.

When you prepare your backyard for summer safety a little ahead of time, you’ll be able to rest easier for the next three months and just enjoy the pool, misters, grill, and green grass. You’ve earned it!

Should disaster strike this summer — or at any time — contact your water and fire damage restoration service experts at Rocky Mountain Restoration. We’ll get you back to happily ever after fast.

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