The Struggles of Selling a Home with Water Damage

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After your home has experienced damage from water, whether due to weather conditions or a flood, you may want to list the property as for sale. You figure that you’ll be transparent with prospective buyers about the damage, and you may find someone who’s interested in repairing and restoring a house. However, selling a home with water damage can prove more challenging that you may imagine.

Possibility of Future Damage
When purchasing a home in a flood zone, buyers are generally aware of the possibility that water damage could occur. Still though, knowing the potential for damage and seeing the actual issues is different. Many homes for sale are listed online, and the photos of your property with water damage may be enough to keep otherwise interested individuals from checking out the house any further.

Electrical Worries
Upon seeing that a home has water damage, prospective buyers likely have aesthetic concerns about the property, but they are also worried about how the damage has influenced the electrical system of the home. Damaged or failing electrical systems pose a threat to security. While the hope is that an inspection would uncover these issues, buyers may not want to pay the extra money to fix both the flood problems and the electrical issues.

Health Concerns
Floods can also lead to concerns about whether or not the home is healthy for inhabitants. Excess water can create mold and mildew, and in a number of cases, a simple cleaning isn’t enough to permanently kill these substances. Even if you’ve restored your home after water damage, you may notice a spot where mold and mildew keep returning. Professional remediation can help to eliminate these problems.

Lower Price
In the event that you find a buyer who is interested in purchasing a home with flood damage, you have to consider the amount of money that will be needed to restore this property. If you receive an offer for the house, it could very well be far below what you were expecting or hoping for. You may want to consider investing the money to repair the home so that you can secure a higher sum for the property.

Restoring your home before putting it on the market is ideal. Trying to sell a house that has water damage can lead to a host of problems that protract the selling time and decrease the profits.

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