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3 Ways to Reduce Water Damage After a Fire Sprinkler Malfunction

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One of the most frustrating sources of water damage for property owners is damage from a malfunctioning sprinkler system. A sprinkler system is designed to protect a property from damage but sprinklers can quickly cause a lot of damage when they are falsely triggered. Like any type of flooding, the water released from a sprinkler needs dealt with as quickly as possible to limit the damage that the water will cause.

1. Turn Off System

The amount of damage that a sprinkler system malfunction causes will be determined by how much water is discharged. All sprinkler systems will have a shutoff valve to turn off the flow of water. The valve may be located in a basement, utility room or similar location. The valve will likely be located near an outside wall. The valve may be located on the outside of the home.

2. Prompt Repairs

The sprinkler system will need to be promptly repaired. Most sprinkler malfunctions are due to a simple part failure and can be easily repaired. Systems can also be upgraded to reduce the likelihood of future problems. Building owners may want to consider purchasing emergency sprinkler shutoff tools that can be used by anyone to turn off sprinkler heads that malfunction. Universal shutoff tools are made by a variety of makers to fit any sprinkler head.

3. Cleanup

When the sprinkler system is turned off, cleanup needs to immediately begin. Excess water needs mopped up and removed from the building. Windows and doors need to be opened to the outdoors to speed the drying process. A professional water restoration company should be consulted to determine what items need to be thrown out and what can be saved.

The dry air of Arizona can help property owners to dry out after flooding. But more is needed than a simple air dry to protect property. If your property has been damaged by a malfunctioning sprinkler or other flooding event, contact us at Rocky Mountain Restoration for fast and professional service.

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