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Should You Worry About Brown Spots on Your Ceiling?

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Many homeowners keep up maintenance on their homes but are surprised when they see brown spots appear on their ceilings. Unfortunately, this is a reason for concern. This generally is a sign that water damage has occurred and ruined the materials within the ceiling. At Rocky Mountain Restoration, we want to help. Although we understand this situation can be stressful, we recommend having your home inspected by a team for water damage restoration in Phoenix, AZ as soon as possible.

What’s Wrong With Brown Spots?

Once water has leaked onto the ceiling, it will begin deteriorating the materials that create it. After the moisture has fully penetrated the ceiling and dried, it will leave a brown or black stain that is noticeable right away. Unfortunately, even if the cause of the problem has been eliminated, it’s still important to address the damage. In addition to the materials being ruined, there could be mold and mildew growing and putting the residents of the household at risk for health problems.

What’s The Right Solution?

The first step is finding the cause of the water and stopping it. In most situations, this means turning off the main source of water to the house. Once that has been done, additional water won’t be able to increase the amount of damage and water spots that you see. This is important, since excess damage only increases the time and money it takes to restore your home.

At Rocky Mountain Restoration, we can’t stress enough the importance of continuing repairs with water damage restoration in Phoenix, AZ. By having a professional come in and tackle the problem, your home will become safer and stronger. This is because restoration technicians will replace the damaged material and clean the ceiling to eliminate mold/mildew. Their priority is to prevent damage from getting worse and improve the health of the home so you can live comfortably again.

Water damage will only get worse over time, so we never recommend waiting to have restoration work done. As soon as you notice brown spots on your ceilings or even walls, give our team a call to help. We specialize in Phoenix, AZ water restoration and will take care of your home as if it were our own.

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