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How to Secure Your Home in Anticipation of a Flood

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The after effects of a flood are devastating to watch; those living in areas that have seen severe flash floods and/or lived through what water damage can do to their homes need to take some time to prepare for a possible flood. There are steps you and your family can take to keep your family safe and lessen the damage done to your property. Read on for some practical steps you can take today that you will thank yourself for later.

1. Ensure a comfortable place for you and your family to take shelter, preferably on higher ground. Keep kids calm.

2. Stock up on foods with extended shelf lives. This includes freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, granola, freeze-dried meals, and instant milk. Following Hurricane Harvey, Costco’s Emergency Food Kit became popular for families who live in at-risk areas. Make sure these items are stored properly and placed in a bag or large container and readily accessible in a flood. Consider storing these on higher ground.

3.More valuables and expensive furniture to higher ground if possible. If you live in a two-story house, move furniture and cherished items or expensive decor to the second floor. If your home is a single story, consider storing some things at a friend’s house.

4. Register your electronics and big appliances if you still can, some companies will replace these items if lost in natural disasters. Before rearranging your furniture, take a picture of each room in your home including close-ups of electronic equipment and valuables, like artwork.

5. Keep a carry-on bag or two with you in the same room during the storm or hurricane. These will contain the items you should take with you if evacuated. Items should include:

-two changes of clothes and a jacket for each member of the family
-essential baby items, like diapers, wipes, formula, two warm blankets, and a couple of favorite toys, and anything else your baby or toddler needs every day
-Books for children to read and a couple of novels for you
-A radio
-Money, credit cards, and keys
-Family pictures
-Important documents, like passports, birth certificates, yellow cards, college degrees, the deed to the house, warranties on large appliances,
-Non-perishable food and water

6. Pets are members of your family, too. Make sure you have carriers with the carry-ons and enough dry food and a good water supply for the whole family. Dogs usually aren’t trained to handle a flood in a home either.

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