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Rebuilding After the Disaster

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Sure, you can prepare for a disaster (read our blog for some tips), but we all do so not really expecting the worse. When it occurs, we’re left reeling, trying to figure out what to do first to get life back to normal. It might be a quick fix of buying a little furniture and refurbishing a room, or you might be coming back from a catastrophe of epic proportions, especially if you’re trying to rebuild after a fire or flood. Where do you start? And how do you keep life moving forward while you’ve just lost most of your past?

Ask for Help

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for assistance to aid in rebuilding after the disaster. While you may need professional help from a restoration services company, there’s so much more to rebuilding after the disaster than just putting out the fire or removing the water from the flood. There are a number of organizations that are set up to help disaster survivors. From FEMA and the American Red Cross to your local church or community center, people are here to help you maneuver those first few days and weeks after the bottom falls out. This is also the time to call on family and friends. Let your employer know what’s happened too; perhaps they have internal support systems or can offer a payroll advance. Above all, don’t suffer in silence. It’s a sign of strength to reach out to others during a time of need.

Take One Day at a Time

When you look at the big picture of rebuilding after the disaster, the cleanup can seem overwhelming. Money, time, building new memories… it’s a lot to digest when the bottom has just fallen out of your life. Sit down and figure out what has to be done now, tomorrow, this week, and this month. Create a plan that works for you, with only a few tasks at a time. And, of course, enlist the helpful team you’ve reached out to already; you’ll need resources to make everything happen.

Do Something Good for Yourself

When you’re faced with rebuilding after the disaster, it can be debilitating. So much to do, so much lost. So give yourself time to just be. Cry, scream, punch a pillow, and then reward yourself for making it. Even if it’s just something as simple as going for a walk or taking the kids for ice cream, acts of normalcy can put things back into perspective. It’s okay to have any feelings that you’re having; don’t beat yourself up for any of them. But know that your family is facing similar thoughts and feelings, and if you have each other, you need to spend time together — whether that’s mourning or rejoicing. Even if loved ones have been lost in a tragedy, it’s okay to smile, laugh, and be good to yourself. You deserve it.

If disaster strikes, your first call should be to 911. Your second call should be to Rocky Mountain Restoration. Let us help you put things back to normal faster.

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