3 Reasons to use a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company vs DIY

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A flood can happen in your home at any moment and leave you wondering what you should do next. For many people, the cleanup begins with hauling buckets of water outside followed by opening all the windows in the house. While these are good ways to get started for general cleanups, they shouldn’t be the end of the cleanup as well. It’s also important to contact a water damage restoration company in Phoenix, AZ to help you out. Some of the most important reasons to do so can be found below.

1. Dry Doesn’t Mean No Moisture

If you’ve done a sufficient job cleaning up water within your home, you might think that the job is done. After all, if the floors feel dry to the touch and the walls look okay, it can appear as though the home is free from moisture. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be the case. Water penetrates most materials quickly and can seep deep down into fibers that hold onto moisture at the deepest levels. This means there could easily be water hiding underneath floors or walls, even if they feel dry.

By calling in a professional, you can find out where the moisture is hiding so it can be properly eradicated. At Rocky Mountain Restoration, our team uses special tools and years of experience to find all moisture within a home.

2. Hidden Mold

Mold grows best in areas that are dark and moist, which means it can easily be hiding behind your walls, underneath your floors, or even in the cracks and crevices of your baseboards. To find mold, it takes an experienced professional who has dealt with it in the past. Their expertise will ensure that any mold in your home is quickly found and removed so your home can remain safe to live in.

3. Inefficient Cleanup

Cleaning up on your own can be inefficient if you’re dealing with a lot of water. This is why it’s best to hire a professional who can come in with all the tools that are needed to clean up the water quickly. This will minimize the damage and speed up the process of recovery so your home can be restored more quickly.

Have You Experienced a Flood?

If you’ve had flooding in Phoenix, AZ, don’t deal with it alone. Call experienced professionals such as ours at Rocky Mountain Restoration. We’ll help you every step of the way to remove the water and all moisture within the home. Our priority is a safe and clean home for you to live in after flooding.


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