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How To Prevent Water Damage In Your Home in Phoenix Arizona

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water damage restoration Whether your source of water damage comes from inside or outside your home, the first step should be to stop further flow of water into your house. The best way to help prevent a flooding problem from occurring is to anticipate the sources of leakages and addressing them beforehand. Use the following tips to keep water out of your home:

Check your gutters
If the debris and branches block your gutters and downspouts, water will overflow and start seeping to the foundation. You should clean the gutters to avoid blockages that might cause such water damage in your home.

Inspect your backflow protection
Your water connections should have some backflow preventers to prevent the dirty water from mixing with the potable water. Backflow preventers can also prevent the sewage from flowing backwards and spilling over your toilets. Undertaking the routine inspection of these systems can help to keep your home safe in case of a flood.

Drying the home
When you stop the leakage, you need to remove the water. You might need some pumps or buckets depending on the magnitude of the problem. After wiping the surfaces, you also need to dry the air to get rid of the moisture. Such moisture encourages the development of molds, algae, and other toxic organisms.

Hidden areas
While drying the home, remember to inspect your crawlspaces and other hidden areas. Eliminate any pools of water that you find as you dry your home. Check the pipes and look out for signs of damage, bursting, or freezing. Waterproof your basement and crawlspaces to prevent water from percolating into these areas.

Mold prevention
High levels of humidity and stagnant water are key factors in mold growth. Water can also find its way to the house through the leaks from plumbing and defective gutters. Sinks and baths can also overflow and cause spillages on your wooden floor. If you do not address these problems in a short time, the mold spores will begin to germinate and spread to other parts of your home. Be sure to find and repair the sources of moisture intrusion to your home. We can help if its too late and you need help with removing mold from your home or business in Phoenix, AZ.

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