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3 Signs of Water Damage on Your Roof in Phoenix

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If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, then you know that snow and excess rain normally aren’t big problems. However, rain storms do occasionally occur and that can mean trouble for a roof that’s not in great shape. If you’re worried that water damage has occurred after the latest set of rainy days, then it’s important to have a roof inspection in Phoenix to see what’s going on. A few signs that your roof is in trouble can be found below.

1. Pooling Water

If there are areas on your roof that have pools of water, even those that are small, then you have a problem. This type of accumulation will deteriorate your roofing materials and eventually leak into the structure of your home. This can easily lead to mold and mildew that puts your home in danger.

2. Ceiling Discoloration

A red flag that water damage has already occurred is discoloration on your ceiling. Even if this looks dry and seems like it’s not a problem, restoration is critical in bringing the roof back to a safe condition. There could be mold hiding underneath the roof and on top of the ceiling, which can spread into your home through the air system.

3. Damaged Shingles

If you notice that the shingles on your roof are cracked, warped, or even missing, this can mean your roof is highly susceptible to damage from water. Even if you haven’t noticed any discoloration on your ceiling, that doesn’t mean leaks haven’t occurred. If you notice strange smells in your home or see swollen insulation in your attack, it’s crucial to have restoration work done before the problem becomes worse.

What Can You Do to Restore Your Home?

Water damage restoration is a detailed process that removes moisture, repairs the damaged material, and gets rid of mold/mildew from the home. Ultimately, this can help bring your roof back to a more optimal condition and can ensure your home is in good shape, too. While Phoenix may not have as much rain as other areas, that doesn’t mean your home won’t experience water damage in the event of a storm. Always keep an eye on your roof to identify problems that need to be addressed.

For help with water restoration in Phoenix, give our team at Rocky Mountain Restoration a call. We offer thorough inspections and will help restore your home if it has experienced any degree of damage from water (even if it’s not on the roof).

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