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3 Ways to Prepare Your Phoenix or Mesa Area Business for a Flash Food

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By nature, flash floods happen quickly and unexpectedly, sometimes with nothing more than a surprise rainstorm that produces more precipitation than anticipated. If you have a business in an area in or around Phoenix or Mesa where any type of flooding has the potential to do significant damage, it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible. Here are three steps you can take to minimize water damage and protect your important business assets.

1. Backup Important Data

With flood restoration, there are processes that can be done to dry out documents. Still, there are no guarantees that all of your important documents will be salvageable following a flood. Be proactive and back up your important data electronically, and not just onto your hard drives. Computers can also sustain enough water damage to make it difficult to access data, so consider cloud-based storage of your critical business data. Make sure you know how to back up everything or ask your local IT Services company to help you.

2. Seal Possible Water Entry Points

Water can get into the tinniest cracks and crevices. When everything is nice and dry, check for any small entry points around your business, such as windows and doors with worn or missing weatherstripping and doors with space underneath for water to get inside. If your business has a basement, garage area, or warehouse spaces, look for vulnerable spots around water pipe conduits, floor drains, and around floor and wall joints. Also, seal any cracks in external walls that may allow moisture to get into your business if flood waters quickly rise outside.

3. Keep Updated Inventory Lists

Should an unexpected flood affect your business, there’s always the potential for loss. Even if flood restoration spares your building and most of your important assets, there may be a need to file a claim with your insurance company. Avoid possible hassles by keeping a detailed and updated inventory list of everything that’s a part of your business, including stock you have on hand and any office equipment or machinery. Be even more prepared for the unexpected by getting estimates for the current value of your significant business items.

Finally, consider flood insurance if you don’t already have it. Many people have the misconception that this type of coverage is only necessary if you live in flood prone areas. But heavy rains in the Phoenix or Mesa area can easily do major damage that can leave your business out of commission for weeks or even months after a flood. If you do experience unexpected water damage, call a professional ASAP to reduce your risk of additional issues with mold.

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