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Phoenix Emergency Water Damage Plan and Tips

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Phoenix, Arizona’s flooding can be unpredictable. If your home or small business become affected by water damage during an unforeseen flood, take these 3 steps before calling Rocky Mountain Restoration for emergency water damage restoration services.

1. Implement your home or small business flooding emergency plan.
2. Remove as much water as you can (if you are comfortable).
3. Salvage the possessions you can.

Following these steps before calling us can put everything into perspective as we working together to restore your home or small business from water damage.

1. Implement Your Water Damage Emergency Plan

If you are just now reading this article and do not have a water damage emergency plan, now is the time to create one! Preparedness is key even for unexpected occurrences.

Residential Water Damage Emergency Plan

  • If the flooding is in one central part of your home, close it off until a water damage technician visits to assess the situation.
  • If the flooding is all throughout your home with no safe place to dwell, stay with family or friends until your home is restored.
  • If family or friends are not nearby, have a hotel fund set aside to have a comfortable dwelling and sleep space until your home is live-in ready again.

Small Business Water Damage Emergency Plan

  • If the flooding has not affected your sales floor, close off the affected area to keep clients safe.
  • If it has affected your sales floor, salvage the inventory you can and discard what is not salvageable.
  • Let your customers know via social media if you have to close your business for a few days to get the water damage remedied.

2. Remove as Much Water as You Can

Only complete this step if you are comfortable doing the job. A water damage case can be messy and germ ridden between the elements and germs in your home or business mixing together. Let the Rocky Mountain Restoration technicians take care of water removal and damage restoration to be sure it’s done professionally and thoroughly.

3. Salvage the Possessions You Can

Water damage can be devastating to home possessions and small business inventory. Salvage what you can before our technicians arrive.

Not everything can be salvaged. Paper and pictures usually cannot be salvaged but clothes, furniture, and other items with washable fabrics can be cleaned and restored.


If you are a Phoenix, Arizona homeowner or small business owner, always be sure to follow these 3 steps if you experience water damage in your home or business. Rocky Mountain Restoration is here to help for all your emergency water damage and flooding damage needs.

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