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Most Important Steps of Trauma Scene Cleanup

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When a traumatic event takes place such as a homicide, unattended death, or other situation, the effects can be devastating for those who lost loved ones. But along with this, careful thought must be given as to how the scene will be cleaned up and restored. In these situations, ordinary cleaning supplies and methods will not suffice. Since bodily fluids may have been scattered about the scene, dangerous bacteria and microbes need to be removed as safely and quickly as possible. To have a better understanding of the biohazard trauma cleanup process, here are some of the most important steps used in these situations.

Containing the Area
First and most importantly, the area affected must be contained so that surrounding property and persons will not be put at risk. If this is not done, bacteria can spread from room to room, potentially putting many people at risk of illness.

Removing Damaged Materials
After an area has been contained, one of the next steps involves removing any materials that may have been damaged. In most cases, this includes flooring, walls, cabinetry, and other areas of a building. By doing so, our cleaning professionals can then begin the process of sanitizing and cleaning the area, ridding it of bacteria and microbes.

Odor Treatments
When these types of events occur, the fact is strong or even mild odors can linger indefinitely if not properly addressed from the outset. Therefore, once we have sanitized and cleaned an area, we then use specialized odor treatments to ensure no unpleasant smells will linger after the area has been restored.

Property Inspection
As one of the final steps in the trauma scene cleanup process, we bring in a certified industrial hygienist to give the affected area a top-to-bottom inspection. Once this has been done and the hygienist has determined no contaminants are present, the area is then given clearance to once again be safely occupied.

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