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3 Ways to Avoid Water Damage During Monsoon Season in AZ

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As the temperatures rise and the summer heat begins to roll in, it is clear that Arizona is about to be upon us. Every year, the Arizona monsoon season brings heavy rain, dangerous winds, flooding, and severe dust storms. As much as it is important to be mindful of your personal safety in the event of a monsoon storm, it is also important to protect your home. We’ve gathered a list of three ways to protect your home from water damage during monsoon season.

Keep Your Gutters Clean
The purpose of the gutters surrounding your home is to direct heavy rain flow away from your roof. When monsoon season brings heavy winds and dust, your gutters can get completely clogged with leaves and other debris. This can make your gutters overflow during a heavy rainstorm. Not only can this flood your landscaping, but it can also be harmful for the foundation of your home. This could also even cause your foundation to collapse. Making sure you clean your gutters annual is one way to prevent this from happening. Scheduling an inspection with our Rocky Mountain Restoration water restoration professionals can also help make sure your home is secure in the event of an emergency.

Clear Out Your Garage
If you have been procrastinating spring cleaning in your garage area, it’s time to get it handled now! Parking your vehicle on the street can make it susceptible to damage. Your garage is also an entry point into your home that needs to be protected from the monsoon rains. It is crucial to clear out your garage so that your vehicles can be protected during the event of a monsoon. Also, it is essential that you prepare this entryway in the event of a flood.

Waterproof Your Entryways
Doors, windows, and areas such as your garage should be waterproofed in order to handle severe rain and moisture. These entry points and doorways need to be protected every year. An extra layer of protection at these entry points can keep your home safe during the event of a flood or severe rain storm.

Dealing with Flood Damage
While we may try to do everything we can to prevent emergencies, sometimes accidents happen. If monsoon gets the best of your home this year, consult with our team at Rocky Mountain Restoration. Our team is happy to help no matter the severity of the moonsoon water damage in AZ.

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