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Mold Can Grow Inside a Home During a Heat Wave

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When a heat wave occurs in your geographic region, the air conditioner in your home is unable to keep the home cool enough to eliminate the humidity. You already know that having a high humidity level in a home can make you feel uncomfortable by making it difficult to breathe, but the moisture in the air will also damage the building’s materials. If you don’t have a dehumidifier in your home to reduce the moisture in the air, then the water droplets will settle on hidden surfaces where there is no air circulation. The most common places to have excess moisture in your home include the attic, wall spaces, ductwork and bathrooms.

What Are the Signs of Mold Contamination Inside Your Home?

If you begin to notice spots of black or slimy mold in a home’s bathrooms, then there is probably more mold contamination in the hidden areas. You may notice a foul odor inside your home that is caused by the mold growth. It isn’t safe to have mold contamination in your home because it can cause health problems in addition to damaging the building’s insulation layers. You might think that the hot temperatures from the heat wave are making you feel sick, but in many cases, the mold is what is making you feel ill.

A Remediation Company Has the Equipment Required For Removing Mild

A water-damage company has the equipment required to reduce the humidity inside your home to prevent additional mold growth. The technicians can install fans and dehumidification systems to increase a building’s air circulation. With air purification devices, it is possible to capture the floating mold spores in a filtering system. A professional remediation team has the tools necessary for reaching the hidden areas in a home to remove the mold growth efficiently.

How a Remediation Team Removes Mold Contamination From a Home

The restoration technicians will use specialized detergents to destroy the mold. Some materials in a home are impossible to sanitize, and the remediation company’s technicians will remove the damaged carpets, insulation and drywall so that you can replace the items with new materials. The removal of mold-contaminated materials is a dangerous process that requires a family to leave the home, and the technicians will wear protective garments, goggles and masks throughout the remediation process.

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