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How Mold Resulting from Flood Damage Can Threaten Health

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For people whose home has been damaged by fire or water, the difficult part of cleaning up the damage follows. When dealing with water damage, there can be serious health threats that my lie hidden in the form of mold. Wetness provides the perfect breeding ground for mold. After a flood, carpets and furniture are soggy, and drywall can be soaked beyond the point of repair. A musty smell is the giveaway that harmful mold is lurking somewhere. In a matter of days after a flood, there can be serious health consequences from unseen mold.

How Mold Can Threaten Your Health

Mold can cause coughing, shortness of breath, stuffy noses, and lung damage. Exposure to mold can also cause skin and eye irritations. If the exposure to mold carries on long enough, children can develop asthma and lung infections. Children and adults with compromised immune systems should stay away from the mold until it is safely and completely removed.

After a flood, a person can safely assume there is mold growth if everything cannot be completely dried within a 24-hour period. If an area of mold growth is 10 square feet or less, some homeowners feel they can clean it up safely. In reality, an expert should examine any mold growth. There are far too many places that mold can grow unseen. When it comes to flood damage by sewage or contaminated water, experts should always address the damage.

Take pictures of the damage, and contact an insurance carrier if the situation applies. Insurance coverage usually dictates that mold damage should be addressed immediately. If mold flourishes, an insurance company may not provide coverage and the cost of cleanup. Homeowners should check with their insurance carrier for information about their coverage and when it applies, or does not apply.

Call Our Arizona Mold Removal Experts

Flood damage is a pain to deal with. The safest thing to do is to call our experts at Rocky Mountain Restoration. It is difficult for the vast majority of people to know the signs of mold damage, or to even begin to remedy the problem. Our mold removal specialists can provide a long-term solution that will be beneficial for years to come. You or your family’s health is nothing to play around with.

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