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How To Prevent Mold Damage in Phoenix Arizona

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Picture it: You walk into your home and the smell hits you like a slap in the face. It’s that musty, dusty odor that can’t quite put your finger on. Unfortunately, that unpleasant smell is coming from mildew or mold inside your home. 

Mold is a very common household problem. Not only does mold infestation negative affect your home’s integrity, but it can be downright dangerous to your health. 

Negative Affects From Mold Exposure

Mold can cause serious health issues such as asthma, red, itchy eyes, fatigue and allergies. At first, mold starts off very minor, however, if left to grow, it can cause irreparable damage. With that said, the way to properly combat mold is to take preventative measures. 

Identify The Problem Areas

Unfortunately, nobody can make their home mold-proof, however, you can make it mold-resistant. The first step to making your home as mold-resistant as possible is to inspect it. Look all around the house for any problem areas. 

Are there any wet marks on the wall or ceiling? Is your basement prone to flooding? Is there frequent condensation on the windows? These are all factors that you must take into consideration. Mold is formed from moisture, so keep an eye out for any wet marks. 

Immediately Dry Any Wet Areas

Mold thrives on moisture/. As such, you want to be sure to any areas that are damp to prevent mold spores from growing. 

Moisture can happen in various ways: 

  • Rain that has seeped into the basement
  • A build-up of water in the pipes
  • Flooding

Even something as minor as a spill on the rug needs taken care of immediately. In the event of a flooding, make sure to remove anything that’s damaged. This includes bedding, carpets and furniture. Furthermore, the bathroom is also another common place for mold to grow, so be sure to dry the walls and floor after taking a shower. 

Being attentive is crucial when trying to prevent a mold infestation. For more information on mold removal in Phoenix AZ, conduct a thorough research or call our toll-free number at 480-309-2524!

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