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3 Signs of Mold After Flooding in Mesa, AZ

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Whether a home or other building has been flooded by clean water from a water line or muddy water from a flooding, the most serious problems can develop after the water has gone away. Mold is a fungus can grow anywhere that there is water and a source of food. Mold most commonly grows on decaying food and other plant material, but mold can begin grow in many places inside a home after a flood. Mold can grow on wood surfaces, drywall, wall paper and other organic materials. However, mold can even grow on inorganic surfaces by using food from dust and particles in the air. Regardless of how mold is growing, mold in the home is a serious problem that can cause severe health problems including death. It is important for people to understand the signs of mold in a home in order to maintain the safety of the home.


Most people have seen mold growing on food. Mold in the home will have a similar appearance. The mold may vary in color from white to black. However, mold generally appears like a collection of small circles or dots flat on a surface. Mold will be thicker near a water source and will start to thin out as it grows away from the water. Mold will most commonly be found in dark areas as most spores will not grow in sunlight.


Many times, mold is found when a person is investigating a musty smell. When a moldy area is uncovered, the smell can be overwhelming. Mold odors may also be noticed when the heating or air conditioning system is in use as the systems move air though the home. The windows in a home should be opened to allow fresh air into the home if a person believes mold may be present.

Sudden Health Problems 

The sudden appearance of allergic symptoms in one or more members of a household can be a sign of mold. Mold can also cause asthma attacks in some individuals. Prolonged exposure to mold can result in mold spores entering the lungs. A person who has breathed mold into his or her lungs may experience pneumonia like symptoms where they are unable to bring enough oxygen into the body. The sudden appearance of respiratory problems after flooding can be a clear sign of mold in the home.

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