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Four Reasons Mold is Dangerous for You and Your Family

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that mold can affect people very differently. Where one person may not have any ill effects from exposure, another family member might begin to wheeze, cough, have runny eyes, and feel generally sick. No one knows how someone will react to mold until they are exposed to the bacteria. Different mold types, ventilation systems, and conditions can cause people to react in various ways.

Mold begins to grow in as little as 24-hours

As soon as a pipe bursts, basements flood, and water saturates furniture and personal belongings, it is crucial to begin the cleanup process. Anything wet that can go through the washer and dryer needs immediate cleaning to prevent yellowing and bacteria growth. The National Capitol Poison Center tells readers that mold breaks down fabric and furniture.

People with breathing problems can suffer more severe issues

Preexisting breathing problems often get worse with mold exposure. People with asthma and COPD can end up in the hospital or fighting chronic infections when mold cleanup does not begin right away. Allergies will also worsen with mold exposure.

Mold grows on many surfaces

You can track mold spores in on your clothing. Dry spores can sit dormant for long periods. When activated with moisture, these spores can spread quickly. Dust, wallpaper, and paint are just a couple of items that allow mold to flourish. Any dark and damp location has the potential to encourage fungal growth. Poison Control says that mold management is crucial for overall health and safety at home, in schools, and in medical buildings like hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Large areas of mold need professional removal

The CDC says homeowners can safely remove mold with bleach when the infected area is less than a ten by ten square. Anything larger requires an inspection and certified removal experts to guarantee complete removal. Missing mold inside the walls, or only treating the worst of the problem will allow the problem to come back.

When you have a flood, poor ventilation, or a problem with condensation, then mold can grow. Immediate cleanup is necessary to protect your family from adverse health effects. Bleach can be used for mold removal in Phoenix on non-porous surfaces, but wet drywall and wood will probably need replacing to prevent growth. Clothes and linens can easily go through the wash to get rid of mold.

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