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4 Ways To Detect Mold in Your Home in Phoenix Arizona

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Are you suspecting that mold is polluting your home air quality and possibly causing recurring respiratory problems? Address your fears once and for all by checking for the following signs that indicate the presence of mold in your house. If you find out that indeed mold is reproducing and spreading in your home, you can contact water damage professionals in Phoenix Arizona immediately for assistance.

1. Mold Has A Unique Smell

Mold smell is distinctive, whether it grows inside or outside your home. It has a musty, stale smell like that of damp-soaked clothes. In most cases, the smell is too bold to ignore, and it makes it easy to detect mold just by giving a deep sniff test.

2. Developing Allergies Or Respiratory Issues

You may have noticed that you or your loved one has been coughing persistently even after medical treatment. It is time to check for the presence of mold in your home. If you or your family member is suffering from respiratory problems such as coughing, asthma, and allergies, chances are high that mold has developed in your home. There are types of mold that are highly toxic that can damage the skin, internal organs, and even causes infertility in some cases.

3. Visible Signs Of Mold

Mold tends to thrive naturally in humid and damp areas. Any damp regions of your house are prime spots for mold growth. Check for mold presence in locations such as under the refrigerator, under the cardboard or newspaper stacks, below the sinks, under plumbing lines, and under the carpet. If you see some visible mold, you might need to go deeper or contact a water damage company for help. What you can see is probably just a tip of the iceberg and there could be more mold or water damages.

4. Examine With A Tool

There are types of mold that cause home structures to wither off and even rot quite fast. If you live in a wooden structure, the wood gets weak fast. Thankfully, you can examine your structures by pocking with a screwdriver or any other tool. This is called a soft test for mold. If the wood crumbles, the mold might have attacked the wood, and you should call water damage experts.

If you suspect that mold has made your home its new habitat, you may want to bring in our mold removal professionals in Phoenix  Arizona to inspect and help you eliminate the mold once and for all.

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