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Does Mold Grow on a Gilbert Home’s Foundation?

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Foundation damage usually stems from cracks and unstable homes, but rarely does foundation damage revolve around mold. Mold can and will use the home’s foundation to ruin not only the foundation but also the walls holding up the home. How is that possible?

A home’s foundation sits on top of the ground (for crawlspaces) or lives below the soil (for basements), and both variations encounter the soil. The soil soaks up water from rain, snow, gutters, irrigation systems, and sprinkler systems to grow the landscape around the home. The moisture from soil touches the foundation, and if there are any cracks or leaks, water and soil will use the area as a breeding ground for mold production. Untouched, mold will spread across the foundation, affecting the foundation’s structure and stability. Any threats to the home’s stability need a foundation repair professional on top of a mold remediation professional, causing additional headaches. It will spread to flooring, walls, and possessions. Expect continued mold production throughout the home thanks to mold spores.

The lack of air ventilation and circulation contribute to mold growth. Because the foundation connects to the ground, basement wetness doesn’t evaporate as fast as the first floor, second floor, and the attic. The first and second story areas have windows and doors to remove condensation and replace it with fresh air. With air rising upward from downstairs to the attic, air circulation is effortless. The window is closest to the sun, so ventilation is painless. Meanwhile, the basement has a window designed for emergencies, so that won’t do. The basement door can’t circulate the condensation in a large area alone, especially since there’s condensation behind basement walls, so it’s tricky.

With the health risks attached to mold, it is imperative homeowners learn about the warning signs of mold and hire a professional immediately if warning signs occur. While homeowners can clean up minor problems themselves, a professional is the better solution for all problems. Depending on the home’s foundation and the approach to water removal, valid solutions range from mold removal to a drainage system. A thorough inspection will determine the best course of action to rid excess water from the home and remove mold permanently. A homeowner’s regular checkups are the ingredients to stopping mold from resurfacing.

If you have a Gilbert, AZ home or business that is growing mold on it’s foundation or has a mold issue from a water damage problem. Call our mold removal experts today!

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